MS Topfoam

MS Topfoam is a powerful foaming cleaner with unique adhesive properties and a very long contact time

MS Topfoam  is a soak-in agent, specially developed for the removal of typical stall filth (manure, fat, feed remnants, etc.).

Its strength and long contact time can cut back on up to 30% of the work required as well as water and product use, yet still yields thoroughly clean results.

Common materials in the stall and the surroundings are unaffected; however it is less or not at all suitable for manual cleaning, lacquered surfaces, aluminium (livestock transport vehicles).

Suitable for applications in the cattle, swine, or poultry sectors.

Using Topfoam

  • Binds extraordinarily well, up to 60 minutes of contact time
  • Superior adhesive strength on vertical, synthetic surfaces
  • Removes fat, protein, manure, feed, urine, and even light calcium deposits
  • Deep cleaning via addes humectants
  • Smells fresh
  • To be combined with low-pressure cleaning


MS Topfoam Foam Detergent Livestock Farm

MS Megades Novo

MS Megades Novo is a universal disinfectant for use in animal housing and vehicles for animal transport. MS Megades Novo has been developed for use in pig and cattle farming.

Using Megades

  • Powerful foaming disinfectant
  • No discolouration of materials
  • Broad range of action: bacteria, yeasts and viruses
  • Non-corrosive
  • Superior humidification and deep cleaning
  • Effective in the presence of organic matter
  • Authorized for the control of viruses in housing and vehicles for the transport of animals
  • Independently tested against African swine fever and shown to be effective at a dosage of 0.25% (kills >99%)
  • General dosage for combating bacteria, yeasts and viruses is 0.75% with an exposure time of 5 minutes


MS Megades Disinfectant Livestock Farms

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